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  • Environmental Services Director
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David Prissel

David PrisselHello, my name is David Prissel, Nursing Home Administrator; I have been with Glenhaven, Inc. since April of 2007 and a licensed administrator since 2002.  I love what I do!  I have been in Long Term Care since I received my Certified Nursing Assistant License in 1992 and I would change nothing about my experiences I have had with the loving people that we take care of on a daily basis.

It takes very special people to work in Long Term Care.  I have been a part of many great companies in the past 20 years and I have been given the opportunity to enhance the lives at Glenhaven from those great experiences.  Experiences that have created lasting memories on how long term care was, what it is now and the great things that are to come!

Stop by to say "Hi" to a friend or loved one.  We would love to see you!

Audrey Preston
Director of Nursing

Audrey PrestonMy name is Audrey Preston, RN. I have been employed with Glenhaven, Inc. as the Director of Nursing since December 2007. I have four children and five grandchildren. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years with most of those years working with the geriatric population in different settings. I have held a Director of Nursing position for over 15 years. I truly enjoy the elderly population; they are unique in many ways and always appreciative of the care they receive.

The nursing department works with the other departments of the facility to provide a homelike environment for the residents.  At Glenhaven, Inc. we admit residents for short-term rehabilitation, and for those residents that are no longer able to care for themselves at home or that do not have family available to care for them.  We also care for those that have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  We are able to provide Respite Care as well as Daycare for the elderly for families that have the need.

The nursing department manages the care of each resident specific to their needs by assessing cardiac, respiratory, urinary, nervous system, muscular/skeletal, digestive, skin, endocrine and sensory systems per residents needs on a daily basis.  Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the residents.  Nursing is in contact with the primary physicians on a regular basis.  Whenever there is a change with a resident the physician, the family and an RN is notified.  We are proud of the excellent care that we provide for the residents.  The following areas are provided to the residents as well:

Restorative Program
The residents all have individual needs that are met by the nursing department.  We have a restorative program that is developed to reflect the resident’s goals and it is designed to improve wellness and function.  The goal is to maintain optimal mental, physical and psychosocial functioning.  Nursing will identify the ability of the resident to perform self care and the risk for injury.  Nursing will also assess range of motion, ability to transfer in and out of bed, communicating and the ability to dress and feed oneself.  Nursing is a part of the interdisciplinary team that assesses any issues and provides care that can enhance the resident’s ability to psychologically adapt to a decrease in physical function and increase the resident’s ability to perform activities of daily living and prevent complications associated with the decrease in activity.

Pain Management
Nursing’s goal is to reduce or alleviate discomfort/pain through the use of medications and/or non-medication procedures such as heat, massage, repositioning and therapy.  When a resident has relief from pain they are able to able to focus on other activities at the nursing home.

Diabetic Management
The nursing department manages residents' diabetes while they are at the nursing home by following the physician’s orders.  Blood sugars are checked, scheduled insulins, sliding scale insulins and oral diabetic medications are administered by nursing.  When a resident has come to the facility for short-term rehabilitation, nursing provides education to the resident prior to their discharge in regards to managing their diabetes at home.

Wound Management
Residents that are admitted from the hospital with surgical wounds or other illnesses may experience complex wounds that require further attention for the wound to heal properly.  Our wound management team uses the most recent techniques and therapies to enhance the healing of the wounds.  Individual needs are met by preparing a plan of treatment.  The resident and the family are involved in this treatment plan.

The nursing department’s ultimate goal is to provide quality care for quality of life for our residents.

Samantha Wink
Director of Finance

Judy Verges
Dietary Director

Julie Schone
Environmental Services Director

Julie Schone My name is Julie Schone. I have been employed at Glenhaven, Inc. since 1991. I worked in the Environmental Services department as an aide until 2011 when I then started working as the Environmental Services Director. I have lived in Glenwood City since 1988; I am married and have one child.

As the E.S. Director, I am the head of housekeeping, laundry and the maintenance department.

The entire building and the rooms are cleaned daily. This gives the housekeeping aides a great chance to talk with the residents and get to know them while they clean their room.

The Laundry staff washes all the linen daily for the residents. The C.N.A.’s wash all of the personal clothing.

This department makes sure that everything is running properly in and outside the building. They also take care of the grounds around Glenhaven.

All three departments are a very important part of the residents' daily lives here and we work closely with the other departments to make sure that the residents have everything they need to make their stay here just like home.

Doris Berends, Activities Director

Ashley Falkner, Assistant

Ashley Falkner and Doris Berends
Pictured from left to right: Ashley Falkner, Activities Assitant and Doris Berends, Activities Director

Doris's Biography:


My name is Doris Berends. I have been the Activity Director here at Glenhaven since August 2016. Besides being Activity Director, I have served Glenhaven in many capacities over a period of 19 years. I started as a cook and then became an Activity Aide. I left for 7 years, and returned to Glenhaven as Director of Finance, and then went back to the Activities department, which I totally enjoy!

I love working with the residents and trying to make their lives here the best I can. Our goal is to make Glenhaven as much like their home as possible and doing the things they would like to do if they were at home is part of that. We try to make plans for each month with a great variety of things, and vary them from season to season. We also interview each resident to find out their likes and dislikes, and hold a resident council meeting each month to see if they are happy with what is happening.

Having lived in the Glenwood City area my entire life and attended Glenwood City schools, I find that I know many of the residents and their families already, which makes it a lot of fun to visit with them and see family members I haven’t seen for some time.

I’ve been married to my husband, Dennis, for 46 years. He is also a native of Glenwood City. We have been farming west of Emerald for 45 years. We were dairy farmers until the year 2000, at which time we quit milking cows, and started raising a small herd of beef.

We have been blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren. We love going to the grandchildren’s ball games and programs, which involves three different schools at the present.

In my spare time, when it occurs, I enjoy gardening, bowling-even though I’m not that good at it, doing ceramics, fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Next time you visit, stop and say “Hi”.

Ashley's Biography:

Ashley Falkner was hired to replace Doris as the assistant in August 2016 and has transitioned from the nursing department as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Ashley has worked with Glenhaven since 2015.  Many of you will know Ashley, her can-do attitude and dedication to the residents have been a great attribute at Glenhaven and she will continue caring for and attending to the needs of our residents and tenants.

Ashley Bol
Administrative Assistant

Ashley BolMy name is Ashley Bol and I am originally from Glenwood City but currently live in Woodville. I started working for Glenhaven in September 2009 as a Dietary Aide and later became the Administrative Assistant in January 2010.

My job consists of doing payroll, answering phone calls, various types of billing, assisting the Director of Finance as well as other department heads, HR duties and much more!

When you visit Glenhaven you will see me at the front desk and I will be more than happy to help you find where you need to go!

Marvin MonteMy name is Marvin Monte and I am physical therapist assistant by trade. I have been a PTA since 2004 and have been with RehabCare since 2010. I have been in management now for about 4 years. And have experience with Glenhaven Care Center off and on for the past 3 years now. I have all my experience in nursing home care and truly enjoy this population. I live in Eau Claire with my 3 great dogs which I love very much!

The staff has currently changed now. For physical therapy, there is Lise Pattermann, PT and myself. For occupational therapy, there are Lea Schumacher, COTA and Jan Frederick, OT. And for speech therapy there is Kyle Shea, SLP.

Occupational Therapy services include, but are not limited to: upper extremity and hand strength/function, skills for daily living tasks, edema management, pain control, adaptive devices and equipment to make you more independent in your daily life, wheelchair positioning and mobility, and most of all increasing overall safety and independence in your own environment. Our OT staff listens carefully to what you want and need to be able to do every day and invest our time into helping achieve your highest level of independence.

Physical Therapy services include: lower extremity strengthening/function, mobility and balance training with or without a device, fall prevention, pain treatment and management, and endurance building. Our PT staff is interested in keeping you as physically fit and mobile as possible throughout your golden years.

Speech Therapy services address: memory and attention deficits, problem solving skills, sequencing and planning ahead, maintaining your level of cognitive function to maintain daily activities, as well as any swallowing/dysphagia problems. Our ST staff takes time to evaluate your cognitive level and improve any problem area to allow less confusion with daily tasks.

Most of all, our therapy staff is here for you! Whether you have recently had surgery or a hospitalizing illness or you just do not feel as steady on your feet, we can surely help. We treat each person as our own family member; we work hard to help make life easier for all in any condition. We are very excited to be part of the Glenhaven and Havenwood family and look forward to a visit from you.